CMX-XP-009 Paige the Pulverizer

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Paige is a very fit an active girl with loads of stamina, power and charisma. Stepping out onto the mats in her gold shiny thong, and bra she is ready for action. Chadam was a little too cocky in the beginning and took the tough girl down first. Doing the best he could to keep her down turned into a challenge, and Paige manages to break free. That was chadam’s first mistake. She literally shoves chadam off her, and pounces directly on top of him. This sexy blonde powerhouse now takes control. She quickly mounts chadam’s face in a wickedly brutal facesit, trying for her first tap. Now keeping chadam pinned she literally just toys with him, as her legs are so strong she sits on him with ease. Chadam tries to escape, and finds himself trapped. She switches to a crossbody then she uses her ultimate weapon against him. Paige flips into a reverse facesit, and with her fit, muscular and perfect ass, she plants his nose directly into it, taking all his breath away. Her reverse is inescapable, and she works over his arms now grinding and pulling on them while facesitting. Paige was not happy about going down first and made chadam pay for that. After suffering an immense amount of ass in the face smothering, she doesn’t even have to ask him if he gives up, he was so tired, weak, sore and very much out of breath, he couldn’t take it anymore and actually surrendered to his new blonde mistress. She sits atop chadam posing and flexing her great body, sitting proud gloating her first victory. If you like to see a male get a one sided facesit pounding from a ruthless girl, this video says it all.

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