CMX-CJC-09 Jolene’s Little Bitch Boy Slave

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Chadam has been known to be rather cocky with the girls, underestimating them, and their potential power. Jolene is lean, cut, extremely fit, and her legs are quite dangerous. Jolene gets ready to face off against chadam literally looking down at him, sizing up her smaller male opponent. As the countdown starts chadam lifts up his hands and flips both middle fingers up to Jolene, and she reciprocates right back. She asks if he is worried and he arrogantly says nope, then Jolene attacks him, bringing him to the mats. Almost with ease she moves into a reverse facesit, and says now are you worried? Chadam easily shakes his head no. Jolene was not liking his over the top attitude, as she locks his face in her ass and makes him tap out. She spins around sitting on top of his chest, as he blurts out, ready to go for a ride now? and he tries to throw her. Chadam just found out then how strong Jolene really was as he could not toss her. She pins his arms high above his head, and says fuck you to him and slams down into a hard facesit. He tries to shove her legs apart, then realizes he is trapped. His arm power is not enough to ward off her superior leg strength. Jolene continues to batter his face with facesitting, and even full weight facesits, taunting, and verbally abusing him. She constantly calls him a little bitch boy as he obviously can’t escape from her smothering. She belittles him, stripping him, of his manhood physically and verbally now. Jolene has a humiliating trick up her sleeve now to embarrass and further degrade chadam now, he had flipped her off earlier now it was payback time. Sitting on his neck she grabs his hand makes him hold up his middle finger and to put it on his head, forming a unicorn horn and making him nay. Jolene turns into a reverse facesit, and notices he took his hand down. Jolene barks at him saying “where’s your unicorn horn motherfucker” “put it back up, or your never going to breathe again”. Chadam complies now, and Jolene lays on the verbal insults while sitting back down on his face. Chadam needed air so he taps, but Jolene said” no way, no breathing for you” and stays on his face. His body moves passively as he tries to muster up the strength to escape, but instead he ends up going out. Jolene not even realizing he was out, looks back and says “put your fuckin horn back up”. She could hear him practically snoring, so she turns back into forward, mounts his chest, flips him off saying ” here’s a horn for you” and proudly flexes her perfectly toned arms, leaving him out like a light, with no care or concern.



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