SAV-053 The Virgin Smother K.O.

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Calista is a cute girl next door blonde with a bit of a mean streak in her. She takes domination to a whole new level in this clip against chadam. We have seen Calista in fem fem action dominating now it’s her time to shine in her second ever mixed match. When she wrestles and dominates, she easily brings chadam to the mats and humiliates him with face sitting, scissoring, and more. Her charming little smile shouldn’t fool you as she is quite sadistic with her tactics on the mats. She takes him down and uses a side control arm lock breast smother. From there she mounts him in a tight schoolgirl pin, holding his arms. As chadam struggles beneath her, she maintains her pin riding his throat. Dressed in her barely there bright thong and top, she proceeds to slowly start to deprive him now of air. Moving up she plants her barely covered pussy onto his face, squarely planting it over his nose burying it deep. With no air supply he struggles to break free, only to find himself tapping out quite a few times.

Calista switches it up turning into reverse now smashing her ass down into his face. She also tosses in some great reverse smothering head scissors. Going back and fourth from smothering reverse head scissors to reverse face sitting chadam is feeling the pressure now as each gasp is more draining than the last. Calista is now back in a forward face sit, as she locks his arms between her thighs removing his ability to toss her or move her. He is punished severely with non stop face sitting. She even goes as far as using full weight spread eagle face sits, burying his face totally making him really fight for air. Exhausted now and zero energy left, all chadam wanted was the match to be over. Each tap Calista barely lets him get a breath, most of it just through a single nostril not enough to regain any sort of full breath to recover. He was practically seeing stars as he makes a last ditch attempt to free himself, which failed. Calista laughs at him trying to get out, as she looks down and says “it’s time to go to sleep” and drives her pussy down onto his face cutting off his oxygen flow until he stopped moving and was out for the count.  She looks up at the camera and flexes while chadam is stuck in dreamland. Calista’s first ever KO.



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