CMX-RVA-8 The 3 Tap Challenge

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CMX-RVA-8 The 3 Tap Challenge  Watch Chris take on Arianne in a 3 tap challenge match. Rules were simple, each person had to make the other tap 3 consecutive times in any hold then set up to restart again. Now Chris is taller than Arianne, but she has much more skill and power than he does. This match gets fast paced quickly, as Chris does what he can to defend himself against Arianne. He finds himself trapped in multiple headscissors, reverse, forward, standing one and more. But Chris was not going down without a fight and manages to toss Arianne around. Chris gets on top of Arianne and even goes for a facesit submission, but was too slow on the draw, and Arianne finds her escape and counters the hold. Arianne whips Chris to the mats, time after time, and facesits him draining him. Her head scissors inflicted alot of damage on him, dazing and really slowing him down. Unfortunately for Chris he does not come out a winner, but he certainly went down fighting, so we give him props for that. Even though in the back of his mind, he knew Arianne was going to deliver an ass kicking. That is exactly what she did, as she poses over his beaten body, knowing victory was easily hers after finishing him off in a facesit.



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