CMX-RJJ-98 Jiu Jitsu Issues

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Chadam hits the mats today who was challenged by the mighty blonde Rosalei. She is dressed in her full Gi, and don’t let her good looks fool you. Rosalei is trained in jiu jitsu and she is hell bent on using her skills to rip apart chadam. As they stare each other down before the countdown, on 3, Rosalei pulls chadam towards her and traps him between her legs. Wrapping them around his waist, he falls to the side, and she locks on a swift and intense bodyscissor that had him instantly tapping out. His face cringed in pain as she does it again. He tries to slip away being cocky saying “is that all you got”. Wrong thing to say as Rosalei easily gets behind him and puts on a headscsissor. She squeezes tightly making him tap over and over, barely letting up the pressure. He still is a little too confident so Rosalei hammers on the straight leg scissor with such intensity his face was as red as the mats. Rosalei asks him now ” is that all you got”. She lays back in a relaxed looking state squeezing chadam as he fights to break free. Seeing that he was getting a bit weaker, she jumps ontop of him in a reverse facesit. Rosalei uses facesitting, then a reverse throat ch0ke, and lays down digging herself in with a north south choke. She continually beats him down with her amazing scissorhold ch0ke combos, and more facesitting. Rosalei also gets on a lotus lock, nearly snapping his shoulders out of . She releases the lotus and applies a rear naked ch0ke that instantly has him seeing stars. He was like silly putty in her hands now. Letting go of the RNC, Rosalei falls to her back as chadam gets caught in her scissors, yet again. Rosalei has some of the most powerful scissors and are quite extreme, not to mention painful. Chadam is getting a serious dose of them as they wear him down faster and faster. With another RNC, there wasn’t much more he could take, as Rosalei pins him in another facesit, smothering him, making sure he is good and finished. Sitting ontop of him she puts his arms above his head, takes off her Gi belt, and ties his arms up. She said” this is just for added fun” as she ties them tightly together.  Without his arms he is completely fucked now and in real trouble. Rosalei now can truly dish out terrifying scissors on him using straight leg, knotted, seated, and reverse on him and there is no way for him to use his arms. After her barrage of scissors, she sits on him in reverse, pulling his chin up and sitting on his throat. She pushes back with her ass making him wince in pain, tapping with only his feet. She slides back and facesits him a few times, then gets on one more tight reverse straight leg head scissor. Rosalei then flips around into forward bouncing down on his chest. She looks at him smugly and flips him off saying “you shouldn’t give someone the finger, you know that”?. She sits on his chest and wraps her feet around his throat in an depriving ch0ke, as she looks down watching his face go beat red, his eyes filling with panic.  She then drapes her shin across his throat pressing down so hard he was coughing. We thought she was trying to break his trachea. He was in such pain, he was verbally trying to quit between coughs. Finally Rosalei lets up the pressure on him, and says “yeah that’s what I thought”. She flexes dominantly sitting on his chest, Chadam still partially winded and still coughing. Rosalei is a serious force to reckon with, and she clearly showed no signs of remorse in this clip. 


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