CMX-CTV-86 Tyler The Grappling Guru

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-CTV-86 Tyler The Grappling Guru  Tyler Dare is a superb mat grappler and extremely strong. Chadam tries his hand again at taking her on, to see how well he will perform going against her. Well Tyler easily takes Chadam to the […]

CMX-VT-005 – Tyler’s Attack

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-VT-005 – Tyler’s Attack   Chadam takes on tough girl Tyler in this clip. Tyler is very powerful, and full of energy. Chadam knew he was going to have to be on his game today in order to even survive this match. […]

Tyler Dare

(Guest Wrestler) ACTIVE: YES Height: 5’5 Weight: 145 lbs Wrestling skills: mixed, fem fem, grappling, competitive, semi competitive, pin submission Favorite moves: headscissors, bodyscissors, facesitting