CMX-RV-002 Raven Wild’s Sexual Smothering

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We have seen Raven on sc!ss0rfoxes destroy men with her powerful scissors, now watch her in her very FIRST facesitting match. Raven is dressed in a sexy garter and g-string with a matching bra. As the camera girl begins the count, Raven looks up at her and says “no no, no count for this”, and grabs chadam by the hair and whips him to the mats. Before he knew what had literally just happened, Raven was on top of him, as chadam tries to say something she just facesits him. Her verbal thrashing throughout this clip will leave you speachless. We never expected such a stunning girl to be so dominating.

As chadam was tapping she said ” yeah, tap out you fuckin little pussy bitch” as she takes complete control over him. Raven becomes so involved with smothering him it was really turning her on. She would twist his nipples just so he would scream in her pussy, making it that much more erotic and pleasurable for her. She even turned in reverse and plants herself firmly onto his face, and forces him to constantly scream, saying “ohhhh I LOVE IT” squeezing harder. Chadam was tapping trying to get air and Raven goes” oh he’s gonna p&ss out, poor baby” as chadam just barely got any air before going out. Raven then rams her ass back down onto his face, gyrating and literally fucking his face off now, getting off on it. This time she stayed on top until he actually goes out this time. Raven turns in forward, and as he was slowly coming to, Raven said” oh good morning baby, time for your fuckin breakfast, now eat it” as she smothers him again. Feeling even more aroused Raven was becoming more and more dominating with near non stop facesits, using chadam’s face for sheer pleasure now. Raven’s erotic overtones echo throughout the room as she is so turned on, it looks as though she was about to orgasm.

She was in reverse and was so caught up in being sexually aroused, she ignored all of chadam’s taps, and he goes out for a second time. This time when he comes to, she positions herself back in a forward pin, and hops right back onto his face. She wiggles and gyrates humiliating chadam, but using his face for her own gratification where her moaning and screams become louder and she reaches down and grabs her own pussy, thinking she may have orgasmed.  She is overcome with sexual joy as she rides his face in forward and reverse some more, making chadam suffer completely beneath her. As she is ready to finish the match off, Raven is in forward, his face buried deep in her pussy, he taps and struggles for air, but Raven keeps him locked and smothered until he goes out one last time. She shreds every last ounce of dignity and manhood from chadam, as he lay there on the mats. Raven grabs her pussy and gets off him, saying “well at least your good for something, chad”, leaving him there to come to on his own, wondering what had just happened.

cplpicsets CMX-RV-002 Raven Wild's Sexual Smothering

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