CMX-CTV-86 Tyler The Grappling Guru

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CMX-CTV-86 Tyler The Grappling Guru  Tyler Dare is a superb mat grappler and extremely strong. Chadam tries his hand again at taking her on, to see how well he will perform going against her. Well Tyler easily takes Chadam to the mats, and from there he is taught a grueling and painful lesson. Tyler pins him down and facesits him ample of times. You can tell that her facesits are almost unbearable, as chadams face cringes as she presses all her weight down onto it. Tyler also schools chadam with her head scissors. Once she locks her rock hard thighs around his neck it was game over. Tyler verbally taunts and trashes chadam all the while keeping him under her control. Chadam was near KO quite a few times in her head scisors, but he managed to hang on just enough to stay awake. He may have wanted to have gone out instead. By the time Tyler was done toying with chadam, she strikes an amazing bicep flex pose. Tyler didn’t lose an ounce of energy dominating chadam, while he was winded, tired and drained by the end of this clip.

cplpicsets CMX-CTV-86 Tyler The Grappling Guru

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