CMX-DK-104 Donna’s Premiere Mixed Smothering Match

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Donna is a cute blonde bbw who has the knack for wrestling and making opponents suffer beneath her. Her skills and abilities are amazing to watch as she mauls chadam in this clip. With Donna’s smooth transitions, she moves effortlessly from forward facesits to headscissors into reverse with ease. Chadam struggles beneath the weight of this beauty struggling intensely trying to escape but Donna keeps her top position. Her facesits are mond blowing as chadam taps she barely lifts up to give him any air, making her attacks on him more ferocious. Chadam was definitely becoming winded fast, and his struggling was getting weaker and weaker by the minute. Donna also gets him into a seated choke and even smothers him as well with it. The end was near and chadam could not be more happy that this match was coming to and end. He was left breathless beaten, humiliated on the mats by practically a newcomer who this was her first and only mixed match she has done.


cplpicsets CMX-DK-104 Donna's Premiere Mixed Smothering Match

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