KOA-063 Lethal Legs K.O. session

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Tori is a superb and beautiful athlete. She is dressed in her gold tight spandex and is ready to K.O. chadam with her superior thigh muscles. Tori is well trained on the mats and has no problem breaking chadam down easily. Right off the start Tori traps chadam in a standing headscissor, and within the first 30 sec of this video he falls flat on his face, out. You can tell Tori was just starting to have fun. Each time he went out he found himself in another devastating hold, only to be put out again. this went on throughout the video, from neck crunching figure four scissor choke outs, to all various scissors, and even a few invented locks of her own. Tori absolutely owned him, and we lost track how many times she put him out. No doubt how all this ended. Chadam will need time to recover from this fight for sure.


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