KOA-0149 Hazel’s Hotel KO

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Hazel met up with chadam for their wrestling match. Hazel steps onto the mats wearing her tiny little pink thong and bra. Her tanned chiseled physique was rather intimidating as she prepares to dominate chadam. Once they started, chadam stood no chance as Hazel throws him to the mat and begins to work him over. As chadam fights to break free, he seemingly lacks the strength and power as Hazel over powers him. Pinning him down with tight schoolgirl pins turned facesits. Fighting for air, Hazel is enjoying listening and watching chadam suffer beneath her. Once she transitions in to her multiple headscissors, chadam felt the true power of her thighs as they lock around his neck and begin to squeeze him. You can see his head locked tightly between her legs, and her leg muscles rippling with rock hard power. Chadam tapped over and over due to the excruciating pain. Hazel chuckles and laughs as she completely humiliates chadam. Once he was under her control, Hazel moves in to finish him off. Not wanting to quit, Hazel gives him no alternative as she sits on his face one last time. Feeling him struggle under her, his arms were trapped and he had no way out. Chadam runs out of air and goes completely limp on the mats. Hazel stands up and flaunts her biceps putting her foot on her weaker opponent, flexing

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