KOA-0153 Feebee’s POV KO

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 16 Minutes
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Feebee is a cute yet sexy little blonde, who one would think does not have a mean bone in her body, yet has quite the sadistic dark side to her. As the clip begins, Feebee introduces herself as the “feebinator” and asks if your ready to get down and dirty with her. As she says that, she turns the camera towards her legs, and there is her victim, already trapped between her thighs. She instantly starts to squeeze, and her victim now suffers the wrath of her powerful thighs locked around his head. Feebee makes it known to him, that she means business as she verbally bashes him, humiliates him, then rolls on top, camera facing down as she begins to facesit. she really drives her pussy down hard onto his face, taking his breath away as she breathes harder enjoying his face there. She grabs the back of his head pulling it in even tighter, muffling his cries. she then crosses her legs under his head, and sits down burying his face again. She loves to watch him struggle for air, and asks “can you breathe?”, he shakes his head no, then she says ” oh well, too bad”. She facesits him a couple more times, before falling back onto her side, keeping his head tight between her legs. Feebee pours on the pain with her rock hard thighs, making him struggle and watching his face turn red from the immense pressure around his neck. Feebee sits back up, and this time actually uses a full weight facesit, his nose now in her pussy, fighting to just stay awake. Feebee was quite turned on having her way with her victim, trapped, subdued and smothered in her thighs. Feebee rolls back onto her side, this time pulling his face into her pussy, squeezing and smothering him now. This was making it really intense on him, as the pressure around his neck was overbearing, and now he also couldn’t breathe. Feebee was being mean and cruel, just the way she likes it as she rolls back into another facesit. She manages to get taps from him, but decided to start ignoring them. Her victim was now fighting hard for air, he manages to catch a small breath and BEGS her to stop, saying please no. She says to him that she is just going to ignore his taps, and prefers to watch him struggle and fight for his life under her. His eyes go wide with fear, as he still taps hoping that she would give him air, but Feebee made sure to keep him under there until he went out. Once he went out she starts to laugh then says “hope everyone has as much fun as i did”, and continues her evil little laugh until the camera fades

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