CMX-AMV-020 Mature Military Hazing

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Introducing our newest extremely fit member to our team, Hazel Annie. She is one of the fittest woman to ever grace our mats here, and in this clip this will be her very FIRST ever facesitting video. Hazel Annie is totally decked out in her camouflage gear, including her thong, hat, top and even gloves ready to shake things up on the mats. Shes sizes chadam up as they begin, waiting just for the right moment to strike and take him down, which is exactly what she did. Once he hit the mats, Hazel struck fast securing a very very tight schoolgirl pin, covering his mouth, leaving chadam to breath from his nose, barely. Hazel Annie grabs his arms and yanks them up towards her, pinned under her shins, leaving chadam no where to go nor escape. She slowly counts him out sitting proudly as she counts. Chadam was left a little stunned at her power and technique. the next fall he tries to stay low, but Hazel Annie gets even lower, scooping him from under and flips him onto his back again. She puts his arms and hands between her thighs, removing all his leverage, and slams down onto his face. As chadam struggles, Hazel Annie’s face lights up as he is unable to escape feeling him struggle under her. Chadam taps, and Hazel Annie uses that tactic a few more times on him. As the match intensifies, so does Hazel Annie as she rolls over top chadam grabbing his chin and getting him into a terrifying headscissor. You can see the definition in her legs as she squeezes his head, making his face go really red and nearly squashed. Chadam taps out, and as he tries to regain his composure Hazel Annie wastes no time in attacking him again. She goes for another count out high and tight pin, nearly facesitting him, again counting nice and slow making him suffer under her. Her punishment further increases with trach choke headscissors, loads more high and tight schoolgirl pins, and very sexy reverse facesits. You can tell chadam was tired, exhausted and dominated half way through the match. Hazel Annie was just too strong for him and she humiliated him even more with facesitting. Hazel Annie applies her reverse facesits in such a way there is no breaking free, she tucks her feet under his head, and jams his face deep in her ass cutting off all his air supply. Nearing the end, Hazel Annie locks on a perfect smothering reverse figure four headscissor, that had chadam tapping fairly quick. She didn’t even give him any time after that and goes directly for another reverse facesit tap. Hazel Annie then snakes behind him once again, locks her muscularly defined thighs around his neck and nearly puts him out. As last fall came, chadam could barely move, and Hazel Annie jumped on him. She wanted to go for a pin count, but decided to torture him with a gruelling facesit instead. Hazel ignored the fact that the camera person called last tap, and spins herself around in reverse for one last kick ass facesit. Once he tapped, Hazel Annie was still not finished!! She goes yet again for another reverse smothering figure four headscissor that chadam could not with stand even for a mere 10 seconds. As he was left dazed, and gasping on the mats, Hazel Annie stands up and puts her foot on his chest, and gives a stunning bicep pose over his beaten body, smiling and enjoying her first ever victory over chadam.

cplpicsets CMX-AMV-020 Mature Military Hazing

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