CMX-LS-45 Beaten into Exhaustion

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CMX-LS-45 Beaten into Exhaustion

In this clip AJ is quick to break chadam down. She has a small frame but packs some serious power, especially her legs. Dressed in her super tight leather shorts she begins inflicting damage with facesits, scissors and more.  Once he tapped 3 times they would restart, but AJ never left chadam much time to recover and immediately pounced on him getting him into hold after hold. Each time she summitted him whether she used her powerful reverse straight leg scissor, or a forward/reverse facesit, he was becoming exhausted. AJ also used full weight facesits, and a combination of various neck crushing scissors.

Chadam had no chance of survival in this clip. AJ also uses a reverse armbar facesit, locking his wrists and arms under her legs, and ramming her butt into face, tightly sealing his air, and his fate. Chadam got beat like a ragdoll in this clip by AJ, who proves size means nothing.

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