SJM-PCV-066 Double Pincount Problems

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SJM-PCV-066 Double Pin count Problems

Chadam thought it would be a wise idea to take on Zoe and Arianne back to back in a pin count challenge match. Arianne started off first and headlock slammed him to the mats. She quickly secures his arms and begins counting. He gives it his all trying to push up and lift his shoulder but couldn’t. Once Arianne finished counting she gets off chadam, and before he could even get up Zoe jumps in and slams down on top of him. In a near face sit now she begins the count. both girls jump in and out, with the other girl taunting and teasing

Chadam from the sidelines. Slowly he is getting more and more exhausted trying to escape each pin but both girls are full of energy and power. Arianne and Zoe use forward and reverse schoolgirl pins and face sits to detain their little victim who is running out of steam quickly. Chadam thought he was up for the challenge but looks like he has bitten off more than he can chew. Near the end both girls pin him down and count slowly to ten asserting their dominance over him, leaving him beaten and battered beneath them. Zoe and Arianne celebrate their victory by flexing their muscles posing.

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