CMX-HJ-43 Cynara The Bully

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CMX-HJ-43 Cynara The Bully  This match shows Cynara’s true side, sadistic, evil and unforgiving. She takes pride in the fact that she is a total bully in this clip. Chadam has to endure major domination and humiliation throughout this entire clip. Cynara does not take it easy on him putting him in some intricate pretzel style holds. She laughs as he attempts to escape each one. She uses forward and reverse facesits, arm locks, and head scissors. Cynara even goes as far as digging her long nails into his bare chest, leaving quite the marks. Then Chadam gets the ultimate surprise as she lifts him up off the mats and pile drives him, not once but two times in the match.


She keeps him pinned in facesits making fun of him, and uses full weight face sits stepping on his arms with her boots. Cynara chokes him out with his own arm, and uses a japanese strangle hold. To top it all off she pins him face down and gives him a super wedgie, and locks on a single leg lock making him yelp out in pain. Cynara then finishes him off with a really hard reverse facesit, ignoring all his taps until he goes out. Nothing makes Cynara happier to see a limp victim out on the mats as she smiles from ear to ear. This bully totally annihilates chadam, badly.


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