STS-007 Crushed By An Amazon

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Gia is a much larger opponent than chadam and he needs to be careful not to get caught in her grasp. she outweighs him by more than 70lbs and Gia will certainly use that to her advantage. Don’t be fooled by that fake smile she presents, behind it lies a deviously evil woman. Chadam tries to fend off Gia as Gia slowly gets chadam down to the mats, then climbs on top pinning him. Knowing he is in trouble almost from the start, he struggles beneath all that weight but can’t budge her.

Now sitting in a throat crushing schoolgirl pin, Gia waits a bit then slides up into a facesit. No matter how hard he tries to push her off, he is immobilized. Tapping now, Gia just toys with her smaller opponent keeping him pinned wearing him out with facesitting. Gia pulls his head up tight into her thighs and rolls to her side, chadams head locked tight in her thighs. Now he is stuck in her mammoth thighs, unable to pry them apart and is being squeezed into submission, over and over. Gia switches to a reverse pin, and uses her thick ass and plants it right down on his face. Her ass swallows his face smothering him, all that weight bearing down being crushed under her weight. Gia attempts to put him into a reverse headscissor, but can’t quite do it, so she has to improvise in order to get him to tap. she rolls to the side and is able to put on somewhat of a side headscissor, but her thighs are too thick to get it on properly. All this did was cause severe pain to chadam’s face and head, but that seemed to be just fine with Gia. It was still making him tap so she continued with the “squeeze”. She rolled back up into another reverse facesit before turning into forward to deliver more smothering facesits. This seemed to be Gia’s best tactic was to keep him pinned and use facesits.

His face, again buried deep in her thighs, and trapped in her pussy, all airways cut off. Surprising enough she was able to get behind him and crank on another scissor. Not as effective as her facesits, she attempts another reverse straight leg headscissor. She doesn’t hold the scissor long before going back to more reverse facesitting. A few taps in reverse, she turns back into forward and for the remainder of the video she sits, taunts and smothers chadam. He is stuck for good under her, and seeing no way out, she administers one last breath depriving facesit and makes him give up. 

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One thought on “STS-007 Crushed By An Amazon”

  1. i love this video,gia in her sexy sleek pants ,proceeds to forward facesit chadham.she smiles and laughs.even chadham remarks”iam glad you find this funny”” .then gia applies a tight headscissors.chadham makes the mistake of flipping her the bird! then she squeezes even harder!gia teases him about how purple he can get!gia does a full weight reverse facesit on him.totally covering his face with her beautiful butt!laughing and gigiling the whole time!then a nice reverse headscissors.makes fun of chadham while he screams for dear life.then a side hheadscissors where gia proclaims how comfortable she is.she continues to dominate with forward and reverse face sits.this amazon sure takes delight in humiliating her victim.if your a fan of a tall,strong woman.who knows how to dominate,you will love this video.ive never herd chadham be so vocal as he is being destroyed by this beauty..check this video will love it!

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