CMX-EC-002 Aubreys Escape Challenge

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CMX-EC-002 Aubreys Escape Challenge  Aubrey pits herself against Chadam in her first ever escape challenge. She uses the following holds: schoolgirl pin, forward facesit, reverse schoolgirl pin, reverse facesit, crossbody press, then a hold of her choosing. Once she applies each hold, he has 2 minutes to escape as many times as possible. Each escape earns him one point. Anytime he can’t escape that earns Aubrey the point. Aubrey goes full throttle here making sure that he never escapes any of her holds. She stayed true to that as Chadam puts up quite the effort to escape even getting mad a few times that he could not get out. Aubrey is small but she is physically tough.

Chadam could not escape any of her holds, and the more he tried the more tired he became as the clip went on. Aubrey came out of this as a clear victor, as she knew she would.


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