CMX-NJV-09 Out Grappled By Jennifer

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CMX-NJV-09 Out Grappled By Jennifer Chadam makes the big mistake on wanting to take Jennifer Thomas on in a grappling submission match. Jennifer is certainly strong and extremely powerful, but Chadam wanted to test that theory and see for himself. That was mistake number one. Jennifer seemingly just toys with chadam as she takes control of him and starts to dominate. It did not seem to matter what Chadam did he was having a difficult time defending himself, whether Jennifer used either sheer brute strength against him, or locked in one of her many devastating holds. Jennifer applies a knotted figure four scissor that almost had chadam out the second the locked it on. His face was redder than her shorts. With her reverse head scissors, his head was crushed under her immense pressure that she applied. Chadam was in a lot of pain, and Jennifer certainly overpowered him rather easily chalking up a nice win for the sexy and muscular Jennifer.

cplpicsets CMX-NJV-09 Out Grappled By Jennifer

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