CMX-CRR-21 Silenced His Bully

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CMX-CRR-21 Silenced His Bully-  Chris is usually on the losing end of most matches, he has no upper body strength and most of the girls are just too strong for him. Knowing he was matched up with Aubrey again, he privately asked Sam what her weak points were. He was told that if she gets pinned she usually can’t get out, and she can’t hold her breath for long. On the day they were scheduled, Chris was ready and up for the challenge. Aubrey knew that this would be easy as she has defeated Chris before, and plans on doing it again.

Aubrey is a bully, and loves to dominate anyone she wrestles. As they face off, Chris is determined while Aubrey has a slight cocky smirk on her face. On the count of 3 Aubrey goes in for a take down, Chris backs up just a bit, and bear hugs Aubrey tossing her to the mats. He lays on top trying to keep her subdued while he works his way on top. In control, Chris grabs Aubrey’s arms and moves into a schoolgirl pin, while Aubrey fights to get out. He moves up and puts her arms above her head pinning them. Then he says “how do you like being on the bottom” as he slides up. You can hear the dismay in Aubrey’s voice as she says “fuck” just as Chris puts her arms above her head and facesits her.

As she taps, Chris moves back slightly, and watches Aubrey struggle beneath him to escape. She trash talks from the bottom, so Chris simply moved up and sat on her face again to shut her up. When she tapped, Chris stayed on her and said “nope one more tap”, finally moving back after she taps again. She continued to trash talk him, so yet again he simply shut her up by facesitting her. Aubrey was clearly not expecting Chris to dominate, and was getting mad and frustrated. Chris then applies an armbar that had Aubrey tapping quite fast, then Chris moves right back on top and punishes Aubrey with more facesitting. Aubrey, literally struggling for her life, manages to catch Chris off guard sending him backwards off her. Now Aubrey was ready to show him who’s boss. She gets Chris into a painful armbar while using her foot to choke him.

Now on the losing end, Chris needs to conserve his energy if he wants to get back into control. He fights through the pain of a seated choke, a neck crushing forward scissor, forward and reverse facesits, all while Aubrey verbally trashes him. Now Aubrey thought she was in total control, but as she transitions from reverse to forward, she let her guard down and Chris preyed on that. Aubrey was getting into a schoolgirl pin, and Chris pushes up making her lose her balance. As Aubrey falls back Chris pounces on her, and she does what she can to defend herself. Chris manages to jump back on top, breathing heavily after being dominated by Aubrey. Chris then moves up facesitting her again. When she taps, he was hurting, rubbing his shoulder and she tried to trash talk him so he simply put his hands over her mouth to shut her up. Chris then rolls to his side trapping Aubrey in a headscissor.

He struggled to make her tap, then she threatens to bite his balls, and even says “do you want me to lick them i will, and sticks her tongue out”. Chris calls her a little freak, but continues to keep her in a headscissor. Now he was laying on his back, Aubrey on her stomach Chris gets a few good taps out of her. He lets go of her hands, and she quickly attacks his nipples, hoping he would let go. Aubrey gets to her knees, then lifts Chris up while still in the scissor, and literally folds him in half, saying “are you flexible bitch” bouncing on him. Chris is now down on his stomach as Aubrey sits on his head and pulls his arms backwards making him yelp in pain. Aubrey then puts her legs under his neck and gets him in a seated choke. Aubrey’s confidence came back instantly as it seems she caught her second wind, while Chris was losing his energy. Aubrey then rolls to her side, Chris still trapped in her thighs as she squeezes the dear life out of him. Still trying to conserve what energy he had left he was determined to not let her win. Aubrey then humiliates him with reverse and forward facesitting. As she say in forward, she continues to trash talk him, seeing that he is pretty much finished.

As she was sitting on his face, he was still trying to break out. Aubrey went to reposition her legs back on top of his arms, when Chris all of a sudden pushes up hard with one shoulder sending Aubrey to the mats. He uses another hand over mouth to keep her quiet, then punishes her with some air depriving up and down facesits. With Chris barely giving Aubrey any air as she taps, he constantly lifts up and down, until finally Aubrey panics and yells out that she quits. She was shocked, and angered that Chris beat her, but Chris finally got the recognition and revenge he was looking for, and actually sat on her face one last time saying “naw just one more”, finally lifting up when she tapped. Chris flexes while sitting on Aubrey neck, as she is now mad more than ever. It’s rare to see Chris win, and in this instance, Aubrey will come back, but Chris may be more prepared. This is perfect for back and fourth fans and fans of male domination as well.

8 thoughts on “CMX-CRR-21 Silenced His Bully”

  1. This one is my favorite video. Chris really had to dig deep into his strength in order to defeat Aubrey. Although it looked as though she was going to win, Chris makes a superior comeback, and really punishes Aubrey with facesits and scissors. She was not happy about losing this match, especially to Chris.

  2. I have been a fan of wrestling for just a short time. This is the first video that I have seen where the guy wins. Even though Chris is rather skinny, I find him doing the facesitting on her kinda hot. I must think that she was embarrassed to have this happen, but still enjoyable. He was relentless towards the end, I think he liked sitting on her face. Only suggestion was I wish he was a bit rougher on her since she is that way to him.

  3. Aubrey is a tough challenger for Chris, or for most I would think. But Chris really came through in this clip with an elite victory. I wonder if Chris held back on her before because he was scared of her? Or did he receive more training? Either or, his performance was good. I thought he would have lost again to her, but I do re-call in their pin count match he scored some points. Excellent video loads of action and face sitting from both parties. Glad Chris won and he showed real dominance at the end giving Aubrey the punishing face sits she deserved.

  4. Ok this one looks like Aubrey had a really bad day, when she gets demolished by Chris. This is the first time I have seen Chris really overpower another girl and win. He didn’t have to beat my favorite girl tho!! lol Watching this Aubrey came on strong, and I was rooting for her knowing she was going to win. Then poof jut like that, Chris domianted her with head scissors(some painful looking ones I might add) , and a whole bunch of face sitting. Poor Aubrey just ran out of power, and the ending to this clip was a nightmare for her. Chris really dished out up and down face sitting until she was breathless and gives up. I thought he was going to knock her out. 🙁

  5. My dream finally came true!! Chris defeats Aubrey!! I LOVED THIS. Maybe Chris got more training after all. I thought he was going to lose again, since Aubrey is pretty strong, but he turned it all around on her. This was fantastic, Chris scissored and sat on Aubrey’s face over and over. The ending facesit for him was worth it all, to listen to her say she gives up, then he sits on it one last time even after she quits. Nice job Chris!! Congrats on your very deserved win over Aubrey.

  6. I love where the male wins. Chris defeats his younger female opponent and does it with humiliating moves. Wish he would have used reverse facesits and drove her face into his ass. Overall great video. More of these!!

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