KOA-0151 Sarah’s Sadistic Topless K.O.

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Sarah Brooke hit our mats looking more stunning than ever dressed in her tiny thong, and black knee high garters. Shes makes easy work of taking chadam down to the mats to prepare him for an ass whooping and smothering of great magnitudes. Sarah climbs up and mounts him quickly in a facesit. She boasts just how fast his face turns red as she covers his mouth and nose. Sarah maintains her top position smothering him over and over, easily breaking him down. She uses her powerful thighs and legs to keep him pinned to the mats, with no chance of escape in sight for him. Sarah decides to flip around and use her shapely ass to inflict even more smothering. Ramming her ass down onto his face, chadam lay helpless beneath his smothering dominatrix as she mocks and makes fun of him, ignoring his taps wanting air and trying to escape. Anyone who has wrestled Sarah knows she is quite strong and chadam is certainly no exception here. Weakened and exhausted from trying to escape, chadam was going no where, except out for the count.  As Sarah lifts up one last time, chadam begs her saying please, shaking his head no, in hopes that she would just stop and let him go. Not the case, as Sarah goes back down onto his face as he struggles for air one last time, but is unsuccessful, Sarah laughing as he goes out. she flips him off saying “fuck you” then sexily poses for the camera flexing her mighty biceps. 

cplpicsets KOA-0151 Sarah's Sadistic Topless K.O.



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