CMX-WBS-6 You Will Suffer

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CMX-WBS-6 You Will Suffer  Aubrey makes good use of her time on the mats today in this clip. Dressed in her skimpy white one piece bodysuit and long skull socks, she looks amazing. Now Aubrey loves to punish, humiliate and dominate her opponents. She is strong, powerful and displays this as she whips chadam to the mats and gives him seriously heavy doses of facesitting.

From forward to reverse, most times he taps Aubrey holds him under her just a bit longer, making sure he really needs air when she decides to free him. Panic is in his mumbled cries, as you can hear him beg multiple times for her to stop. that just makes Aubrey want to make him suffer even more, as she trash talks him and pours on the smothering.

She uses reverse making sure his face is completely buried deep in her ass, denying him air when he taps, and literally making him go out. Once she puts him out the first time, she gets excited and does it more throughout the clip. Aubrey is no stranger to being cruel, and that is just what she is in this clip. Her last submission was putting him out in her ass as she sits long and hard on his face, taunting and waiting for him to go out. She stands up raising her arms flexing in complete victory, standing over his out cold body.

3 thoughts on “CMX-WBS-6 You Will Suffer”

  1. I really like this girl she is very mean and control him all the time. She not give a care if he is not breathing. This is how life should be with woman take over man and make him beg for let go. She keep him pin and sit on his face whole lot whimpering for air askng for her to stop. Nice sexy tan girl smother him crazy beat him up as he is wimp and has no chance for survive her. When she flex her arms is easy to see she is strong she work out i think.

  2. I would pay to see her do a reverse facesitting video when she’s sweaty after a workout. It’s a shame she won’t go full nude.

  3. YES!!! My fav girl is doing what she does best!! She looks great tanned and in that white outfit. Love the domination making him really suffer under her. Perfection!! 🙂

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