CMX-CRK-3 Bellas Dual Beatdown

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CMX-CRK-3 Bellas Dual Beatdown Bella is so confident she decides to take on Chris and Chadam at the same time, in an all out beat down style clip. As Bella prepares she heads into the match punching and kicking, striking both guys. Chadam unfortunately got an inside leg kick delivered quite hard by Bella injuring him just enough to keep him away while she attacks Chris. Well for Bella if she either ko’s one of them or they submit, they are out. Bella brings Chris down to the mats, locking on one hell of a rear naked choke, bringing Chris to tap out just before going out.

Now that leaves Chadam and Bella now. She pummels him with blow after blow, facesits, hairpulling, and resorts to kicking him while he is down. She broke his manhood down bit by bit, until he could no longer take it and was smothered into submission. This goes to show the true power Bella possesses as she single handedly takes them both out.

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