CMX-NTC-44 No Escape Punishment

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CMX-NTC-44 No Escape Punishment  The feisty and highly aggressive Aubrey hits the mats challenging Chadam to a no tap no mercy style match. He literally had to fight his way out of any hold Aubrey puts him in. Once he reaches the point where he can not escape, or can not continue, or more so, gets KO’s then the match is finally over. Aubrey loves to be rough for a smaller girl, she has a lot of power, and most of all no regrets. Once they begin, Aubrey struggles with the take down, but finally does so with  a headlock flipping chadam onto his back. Wasting no time, she secures his arms, and keeps him down a very tight schoolgirl pin. She already taunts him, as he exerts his upper body strength to try and unseat Aubrey, but that failed. Aubrey keeps his arms under control while she slams down into a facesit. Chadam struggles desperately beneath her, and finds a way to get air, quite a few times. Thankfully for him he was able to escape this early on in the match. Aubrey then sits back on his stomach and digs both of her ankles into his throat. He fights the pain and tries lifting his head. Aubrey just uses her hand and pushes down on his face keeping his head immobile. He tries to fight through the pain, and Aubrey then uses hand over mouth to smother him all the while digging her ankles in hard on either side of his neck.  Seeing that was not making him quit, Aubrey slams back down onto his face in a hard facesit. His fight for air was getting harder, then Aubrey jumps into reverse. She locks his head with the soles of her feet, and presses her ass down hard onto his mouth and chin causing him to grunt and groan in pain. Aubrey then puts his arms down to his sides and keeps the reverse facesit on. Now his fight for air became very real, as you can hear the panic in his voice as he gets weaker and weaker searching for any way to get air. This goes on for a bit, then Aubrey changes again back into forward smashing down on his face. She also tries the ankles on the throat, but chadam was stubborn and not going to tap. It looked as though he was ready to go out instead. with her ankles pressed deep into his throat she lifts up and uses a facesit now as well. This took some skill and balance on Aubrey’s part, and it was seeming like he was going to quit. Aubrey grabs his hair keeping the facesit locked on tight, and chadam really went the distance in holding his breath. With one final shove with his arms, he manages to throw Aubrey slightly off balance, just enough to get air. His face was beat red, and his gasps were loud and frightening. Becoming frustrated Aubrey goes back into reverse and puts on another facesit this time his face buried deep in her ass. The fight became intense, as Chadam manages to find small pockets of air, getting his much needed breath, even in short bursts. Aubrey falls behind chadam and wants to lock on a reverse headscissor, but chadam fought this off a best he could. At her wits end now with him, Aubrey climbs back on top in forward and locks his arms between her thighs. Sliding up right into a facesit, Aubrey this time keeps him pinned and he now has no energy left to push her off. He only got one little breath in, before she sealed it all off again. This time to keep from going out, Chadam tapped and muffled “i give,” barely audible. Heaving, huffing and puffing, Aubrey slaps his face and tells him to say it again. Finally he says he quits, Aubrey slaps his face again and says “fuck you bitch, flipping him off saying WINNER” as she sits on top of him posing and flexing. Another ruthless victory under Aubrey’s belt.

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