CMX-LZ-902 Chris’s Squeeze and Smother Experience

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CMX-LZ-902 Chris’s Squeeze and Smother Experience  Chris is ready to challenge Arianne yet again to another wrestling match. She loves to punish, humiliate and destroy him every chance she can. As they face off, you can tell that Chris is somewhat hesitant and Arianne begins by grabbing Chris by the head and getting him into a standing headscissor. It’s not long before she clamps the scissor on tightly and he is tapping. He tries to catch his breath between squeezes, each time Arianne locks them on, harder and harder. Arianne falls to the mats in almost a push up position, now doing a reverse straight leg scissor. With every squeeze his face becomes redder and redder, letting out moans of pain. Chris is desperately trying to break her legs apart, and with that, Arianne switches to a figure four. This scissor catches him directly across the face, crushing his nose. As she lets go of the hold she jumps over top of him landing in a facesit. Chris with his skinny little arms tries to unseat her, but she maintains her balance and keeps his face locked in her thighs smothering him. Arianne wears him down a bit more with facesits then transitions into a rolling forward scissor. she knows that Chris is unable to pry her strong legs apart, and pummels him with neck crushing scissors. Arianne continues to squeeze him and as she does does she flips him off saying “fuck you bitch”. Chris grows weaker by the minute, Arianne using seated smothers, hand over mouth, and a barrage of multiple scissors. Arianne then uses her famous reverse straight leg scissor, digging in deep around his neck, making sure that he could not even breathe. She switches it from time to time, using the figure four, then rolls to her side, back into the straight leg scissors. The struggles from Chris were weak and futile, as he has no choice but to take whatever punishment Arianne dished out. Arianne sneaks around behind Chris now, and goes for a straight leg headscissor. She combines that with a knotted figure four, almost putting Chris out a few times. She moves just a bit to the side and applies a trach scissor combining that with hand over mouth. Arianne asks Chris if he gives up, and he made a big mistake by saying no. So Arianne turns up the power with the scissor, and hand over mouth. He was trying to mumble that he gives up, and Arianne asked “what?”, still applying the scissor and hand over mouth.  Chris manages to get a breath, and with that he says that he gives up, trying to catch his breath. Arianne flips him off and flexes cockily for the camera, beating his ass with such minimal effort.

cplpicsets CMX-LZ-902 Chris's Squeeze and Smother Experience


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