CPL-CLS-105 Bathroom Prank Gone Wrong

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Chadam was up to no good and snuck into the bathroom while Hailey was showering off from swimming. Well he decided to dump a really cold glass of water on her as she screamed. Chadam took off falling onto the mats laughing, while Hailey came barging out of the bathroom and literally attacked him. Hailey was not going to let chadam get away with that, and wanted to show him just how upset she was. Dripping wet and now cold Hailey began putting chadam into some pretty tough moves to inflict some serious pain on him. Hamstring tearing grapevines, reverse facesit/hand over mouth pins, neck crushing reverse smothering figure fours and more. Chadam was certainly feeling the pain, as Hailey continued to humiliate him. By the end of Hailey’s torture session, she ripped off chadam’s tank top and tied his arms together. As he lay there wasted and extremely tired from his onslaught endured from Hailey, she had gone to the freezer and got some ice. She came back and rubbed it all over him, making him yelp from the sheer cold, then she jumped back on top of him face sitting him some more, until he literally had enough. Bet he won’t do that again.


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