CMX-ABS-88 Breastsmother Fury

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 13 Minutes
Members Clip: 13 Minutes
Published: 2020-06-05
Price Download Only: $14.99: USD

1x1-pixel CMX-ABS-88 Breastsmother Fury
1x1-pixel CMX-ABS-88 Breastsmother Fury
1x1-pixel CMX-ABS-88 Breastsmother Fury

CMX-ABS-88 Breastsmother Fury  Arianne decided to use what she was born with as her weapons to inflict mass amounts of smothering. Arianne takes great pride and has loads of fun using her tits to her advantage smothering chadam in various breast smothering holds. Even at the start, she pulls him into her chest smothering him, and as they fall to the mats she continues to hold him between her breasts. Arianne can’t forget that she loves to facesit, and uses that along with breast smothering just for her own enjoyment. Arianne also tells him that the only way she will let him go was he had to bite her tit. He literally became her breast smother slave. She laughs as he panics, looking for air switching from one hold to the next. Arianne dishes out some serious smother punishment in this clip, and is having a blast in doing so. She leaves chadam in a breathless state once this is all over with.

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