CMX-PR-66-Pro Style Smother

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CMX-PR-66-Pro Style Smother  Arianne hit the mats today dressed in tight combat spandex leggings, wrestling boots, and her pink knee pads. she puts chadam through a barrage of holds, scissors and face sitting. She uses head scissors, a perfectly executed lotus lock, full weight face sits and more. Chadam had a difficult time escaping from her holds, as she showed no mercy and was not taking it easy at all. Arianne manages to lock on a body scissor that almost made him go out.

When she applies her full weight face sit, she shoves his wrists under her feet, stepping on them with her boots. After Arianne spends the entire match dominating and humiliating him, it was time for her ultimate finale. She grabs chadam by the face, pulls him to his feet, wraps both of her hands around his throat and slams him into the wall. With her vice like grip around his throat she squeezes as he struggles to break free. His face was now turning beat red, and as he started losing consciousness he slowly slide down the wall, and out he goes. She then puts one foot on top of him and flexes proudly for the camera enjoying her defeat.

cplpicsets CMX-PR-66-Pro Style Smother

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