CPL-LCV-666 Bellas Ass Kicking

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CPL-LCV-666 Bellas Ass Kicking  Bella steps onto the mats once again to take on Kiera. Bella is always cocky and “confident” about her skills, yet Kiera is quiet and reserved. That is until she hits the mats then she turns aggressive. Bella is no match for Kiera as Kiera is stronger, faster and way more powerful. This competitive video proves that Bella just can’t defeat Kiera. You can see that Kiera seems to always be 2 steps ahead of Bella, and when she finds herself in a bind, she looks for ways to escape, and does. This video is loaded full of facesitting and scissors, a battle of both you could say. Bella is able to get on a few good scissors and facesits, but Kiera holds on and flips it right back on Bella inflicting them just as hard, if not harder on her. Both girls really exert a lot of energy in this clip, and stamina and endurance play a good role. Watching them both get trapped, smothered and scissored is quite something. Kiera has a height and slight weight advantage on Bella, and keeping Bella pinned seemed to be one her strengths in defeating her. Bella finds herself trapped multiple times in Kiera’s pussy smothering facesit, even bent in a folded facesit pin. Close to the end, both girls were exhausted, and wore down, until one girl delivers a very painful and match ending bodyscissor. Bella was left in near tears at the end of this clip, holding her now battered ribs from Kiera’s phenomenal leg strength. Kiera had no remorse for kicking Bella’s ass, and wouldn’t hesitate to put her cocky mouthy little opponent back down to deliver more punishment. Like a mule, stubborn and not so smart, we don’t think Bella has learned her lesson……to be continued………….

cplpicsets CPL-LCV-666 Bellas Ass Kicking


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