CMX-JD-54-Destroyed With Jiu Jitsu

Mariella The Jiu Jitsu Girl- Mariella hs great technique on the mats and is quite skilled. today she was proving just that as she challenges chadam to a grappling match. She uses armbars, scissors, and joint locks. Her headscissors are truly lethal and she has […]

CMX-PTD-32 Mariella’s Topless Piledriver

This clip features mariella’s topless mixed piledriver debut. We never knew that someone could take piledrivers and wrestling combined and make it look sexy. chadam certainly got quite the beating from Mariella, as she squeezed, smothered and piledrives her way to a satisfying victory. Chadam […]

CMX-SSC-09- Cynara’s Jeans Punishment

Chadam squares off against his larger opponent, Cynara. Now we all know that Cynara has a lot of fun destroying, humiliating, and dominating chadam. She is dressed in her skin tight jeans, just to make him really suffer beneath her. Cynara’s powerful thighs end up […]

KOA-075 Kendall’s Combat K.O.’s

Kendall stands tall and proud dressed in her military attire, cute tiny combat bootie shorts, military style ankle boots and shirt. she is ready to give chadam a serious lesson in KO training. Kendall goes at chadam but he does a good job of not […]

SCS-066 The Amazon Domme

Chadam was in for a good ass kicking today in this match. I looked sexy dressed in my knee high high heeled boots, and black and red miniskirt. I needed a little play toy to abuse, someone that I could just do whatever to, and […]