CMX-CV-111 The Unforgiving Smother

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CMX-CV-111 The Unforgiving Smother Arianne is one mean little 18yr old. she has no remorse on any of her victims, and loves to humiliate them accordingly. Chadam as always suffered at the hands of this dominatrix, in fact she had put him out a few times in this clip. She was showing just how cruel she really can be. Weather his face was trapped in her ass in a reverse face sit, a full weight front or reverse face sit, either one suited her just fine.

Her demeaning banter was rather humiliating as she blurts out curse words, calls him names all the while staring at his trapped face between her legs. Each time he goes out she slaps him saying wake the fuck up, then going right back to smothering again. Face sit after face sit, smother after smother, Arianne made sure he was completely finished by the end. As she stood up over him and said here’s my bug finale, puts her foot on his throat, and flips him off saying fuck you. Never did we think Arianne would be this rough or sadistic when she first walked through our doors. AMAZING!!!

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