CMX-MW-16 -Arianne’s Love For Smothering

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-MW-16 -Arianne’s Love For Smothering  Arianne is one tough girl to compete with on the mats. She has no problem going hard against chadam and punishing him with some pretty intense facesitting and smothering tactics. Once chadam goes down, Arianne works him […]

SAV-048 Stone Cold Smother K.O.

Arianne challenges chadam to a match on the bed. she is dressed in skin tight white shorts and red bra. Looking sexy as always, she is pyhsically ready to dish out some true domination and humiliation. When the match begins, Arianne wasted no time locking […]


ACTIVE: NO Height: 5’4 Weight: 120lbs Wrestling skills: prostyle, mixed, fem fem, semi-competitive, competitive, catfight,pincount, pin submission Favorite moves: facesit, headscissors, hand over mouth    

CMX-DN-55 – Beat The Deadbeat

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Arianne is tired of chadam not doing anything around the house. He is just sitting on the counter after dinner doing nothing. Arianne is upset at his laziness and starts to yell at him. An argument ensues and she grabs him by […]

SAV-033 Team Tall vs Team Small

This clip is a tag team style match featuring team amazon with Cynara, and her partner, Chris. Both are 6’0 and the tallest here. Bella and Arianne are the 2 smallest both under 5’4. It’s big vs small. Chris and Bella start off the match […]

CMX-IQ-02 I Will Make You Quit

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Arianne is known to be ruthless and facesitting is her strength, and most favorite way to control and make people submit to her. Next is her scissors, they are dangerously strong and powerful and can easily bring a grown man to literal […]

CPL-CAT-01 Severe Anger Issues

This match has to be seen to be believed. We have never witnessed such brutality and anger from Arianne, nor did we know she could throw down like this with the best of them. Her and Bella set the stage for an all out catfight […]

SAV-040 Arianne’s Racial Revenge

A-Low and Arianne prepare themselves for another confrontation this time Arianne has revenge on her mind. As Arianne was waiting patiently on the mats for A-Low to arrive. A-Low struts through the doors, and Arianne approaches her wanting to high five her, A-Low looking rather […]

CMX-PR-66-Pro Style Smother – Exclusive Video

CMX-PR-66-Pro Style Smother  Arianne hit the mats today dressed in tight combat spandex leggings, wrestling boots, and her pink knee pads. she puts chadam through a barrage of holds, scissors and facesitting. She uses headscissors, a perfectly executed lotus lock, full weight facesits and more. […]