CPL-MB-004 The Jealous Factor

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CPL-MB-004 The Jealous Factor  Arianne heard that Paige was back, talking a big game that she was the best on the mats. Arianne burst into the studio while Paige was stretching and she kicked her in the ass, sending her flying. Arianne started saying “oh you think your the best huh” and attacked her. They both fight hard and hit the mats, Arianne getting Paige down. Didn’t take long before Arianne has Paige pinned, secured her arms, and sat on her face. Paige struggles hard to avoid being face sat, and fights to get out. Paige finally breaks free, and as she lunges at Arianne she bowls her over and slams her to the mats. Now Paige is on top, trying to keep a squirming Arianne pinned down. Then the trash talk begins, Paige says “you think your tough huh”,

Arianne retorts saying “you think your tough but your not”.  Paige then has Arianne in a schoolgirl pin, and starts to count Arianne out. Reaching the 5 count, Paige wins the fall. The action just becomes more intense from there. They crash down on the mats again, fighting for the upper hand, Paige scores another point with a face sit submission. Paige continues to dominate with head scissors, and face sitting. Arianne has the struggle of a lifetime on her hands as she finally gets the upper hand, locking on a grapevine breast smother. Scoring finally her first point against Paige. Arianne tries to use a schoolgirl pin count out on Paige, but fails, and same as a face sit. Arianne couldn’t quite keep Paige down. As they roll out, Arianne scores again with a wickedly painful body scissor submission. Paige came by with a vengeance and scores more submissions with schoolgirl pins, and face sits, frustrating Arianne now. Arianne scores a pin count on Paige, as Paige retaliates with a face sit submission. Just when it looked like Arianne was wiped out, both scoring more points, Arianne got Paige in a rear naked choke/ body scissor, and poured on the pressure until Paige admitted she was done and not top queen. Arianne then kissed Paige on the forehead and said “that’s what i thought”, as she said get off me, and kicks Paige away from her.




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