CPL-CG-71 Cheerleader vs Country Girl

CPL-CG-71 Cheerleader vs Country Girl  This clip pits the captain of the cheerleader squad, Paige taking on rough and rugged country girl, Arianne. They both go to the same school, and their rivalry has finally toppled over onto the mats. Arianne was dressed in her […]

CMX-AC-41 Arianne The Face Crusher

Arianne is pitted once again against Chris. she easily defeated and KO’D him in their last match, and she wanted to be just as brutal in this one. Chris is much taller than Arianne, but never underestimate a female. On the starting count you can […]

CPL-WM-74 The Slicked Up K.O.

CPL-WM-74 The Slicked Up K.O. This video has Bella and Arianne all slicked up in oil facing off in the pool. Both girls are dressed in bikini’s and the match gets rather slippery for both. Arianne is known to be mean, and has extremely powerful […]

CPL-WM-RE-7 Raging Real Estate Agents

Bella and Arianne are both high class real estate agents, dressed in business attire, skirts, pantyhose and blazers looking sexy as hell, and both are scheduled to do a showing, at the same time. The owner who is a slimeball, hired both girls knowing they […]

FPP-022 The Cheating Pinner

Arianne and Bella are sitting on the mats discussing what type of match they could do. They agree to do a pin match with counting, but with a twist on things. They agree to hair pulling, and slapping as well as the pins. Both begin, […]

KOA-0113 Broken, Beaten and K.O.’d

Arianna sizes up chadam for their match and will certainly show him what she has planned. Her strategy is simple, overpower him, smother and squeeze him mercilessly, and finish him off. Chadam had no idea that Arianna was going to be as dominant as she […]

FPP-018 Arianne vs Summer Pin Competition

Arianne and Summer from fightingirls meet on the mats for this pin battle. They are only aloud to use crossbody pins, full body, grapevines and single leg cradles to score submissions. These moves are fairly new to both, and it is quite interesting watching both […]