STS-005 Spandex Grudge Match

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Full Video: 18 Minutes
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Published: 2018-11-19
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1x1-pixel STS-005 Spandex Grudge Match
1x1-pixel STS-005 Spandex Grudge Match
1x1-pixel STS-005 Spandex Grudge Match

Ariel takes on Bella in this clip, and to say the least, neither girl really likes one another this stemming from previous matches and encounters they have had. the match starts off with Bella trying to defend herself from her heavier opponent, Ariel has Bella in her sights as she takes her to the mats. Bella continues to play offence, and ward off Ariel, but eventually Ariel begins to take control. Climbing on top now, Ariel pins Bella down using her weight to her advantage, and punishing Bella with loads of facesitting. Ariel grabs Bella’s head pulls it tight into her crotch and rolls into a headscissor. Locking on a figure four, Bella is trapped in Ariel;s powerful thighs and taps almost instantly. Ariel switches from straight leg scissors to figure fours, wearing down her smaller opponent. Ariel rolls back up but loses her balance, Bella now preying on that as she takes Ariel down. Bella was quick to react and pins Ariel in a facesit. Ariel tries to struggle but her arms are trapped between Bella’s thighs and suffers plenty of smothering. Bella decided to copy Ariel and rolled to her side clinching a straight leg scissor.These two amp things up as the match moves on, going back and fourth with headscissors and plenty of facesitting. Bella swings around into reverse, and fights to get Ariel’s head locked in her thighs. Finally Bella clamps on that reverse figure four and really makes Ariel suffer. With tap after tap, Ariel tries using her legs to escape and wrap them around Bella’s waist. Bella kept the squeeze on, telling Ariel to move her leg or she was not going to release the scissor. Ariel’s face went beat red and fought hard. But Ariel had no choice but to quickly move her leg and slammed the mats with her hands tapping furiously. Bella releases the scissor as Ariel begins to cough, trying to get her breath back again. Bella continues to use the straight leg scissor, then moves into a reverse facesit. Each tap, she barely gave Ariel a chance to breathe, making her more and more frustrated. Bella tries to use a north south pin, but an upset Ariel throws her off and sends Bella flying. Ariel mounts Bella’s face and delivers breath depriving facesit after facesit, winding the smaller girl. Then rolling to her side, her huge muscular thighs wrapped around Bella’s neck begin to squeeze the life out of Bella. Bella desperately tries to fight through the pain of Ariel’s scissors. On the attack, Ariel rolls Bella onto her back and jumps on her face, smothering her again. Bella’s face was multiple shades of dark, enduring Ariel’s long drawn out facesitting. Bella manages to get her arms behind her, distracting Ariel enough that she manages to escape after Ariel tried to transition into reverse. This mistake would prove enough to render Ariel near helpless now as Bella takes control. Pinning Ariel’s arms tight with her thighs, Ariel does the best she can to avoid getting smothered, but eventually Bella inches her way up onto Ariel’s face. Catching Ariel off guard, she falls to the mats with another great straight leg scissor. After a few taps, Ariel actually gets out as Bella just releases the hold, not ready to make another move, as Ariel jumps on her and pins her. Up into a facesit Ariel goes, and gets a quick easy tap out of Bella. Ariel whips into reverse, and really struggles to get a reverse headscissor on, in between dishing out some deep ass in the face smothering. Ariel is seemingly having difficulty putting on any reverse scissor and resorts to the facesit, but eventually Bella throws her off balance. With that, Bella is on the attack, and uses that to her advantage, leaping onto Ariel, spinning around in reverse. Bella now buries Ariel’s face in her ass, and gets lots of tap outs from it. For Bella’s ultimate finisher, she cranks on her reverse figure four and locked it up super tight. It did not take Ariel long to tap, Bella then asking her if she gives up. Ariel being defiant said no, so Bella went full throttle with her squeeze, Ariel’s face practically buried in Bella’s ass now as well, she mumbled I quit into Bella’s ass giving up. Bella leans back up, sitting on Ariel’s mouth, and flexes her muscles over her beaten,upset, humiliated and angry opponent.


cplpicsets STS-005 Spandex Grudge Match

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