CMX-TSS-01 The Smother Sisters

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Today started out a normal day, Arianne was to take on Chadam in a facesitting scissor match. We changed up the background scenario, and they were ready for the match. Dressed in her tight yellow bikini, Arianne plows chadam down from the start and slams him straight to the mats. With no hesitation she jumps on his face, smothering him, chadam struggles for his breath but can’t get it and needs to tap. After a few taps, Arianne stands up, puts her foot on his throat, and says “Now you get to meet my sister”, and she called out for Aubrey to come into the room. In walks 18yr old petite, fit, and very attractive girl as she stands over chadam now. Chadam looking rather confused,  Aubrey says “hey Bitch staring down at him, then jumps on his chest pinning him down. Once he is securely pinned, Aubrey said”you call my sister weak?, your going to have to deal with me too”. Aubrey spins into reverse lightning quick, pinning chadam’s arms to his side, then plants her ass squarely on his face smothering him. Arianne in the background yells out “Sam and I have been training her behind your back” and laughs at him getting beat by her younger sister. Aubrey really takes it to him, calling him a weak bitch, and smothering the life out of him. Arianne steps back in getting chadam into a reverse headscissor, then Aubrey leans mocking and making fun of him. It’s pretty evident that Aubrey is going to enjoy dominating as Arianne finishes her headscissors, Aubrey jumps right in on top of chadam. Aubrey wastes no time jumping right onto his face again, smothering him, while she and Arianne trash talk chadam. Aubrey sat dominantly on his face, waiting for him to tap, as he fights to break free. Arianne steps in again, as both sisters take turns, scissoring and smothering chadam. There was no where for him to go, and being punished by both sisters is utterly humiliating. Aubrey was the shining star in this match, showing chadam that she has what it takes to eliminate him rather easily with her powerfully strong legs, since she runs, and is a gymnast, and her ruthless unforgiving facesitting. Aubrey almost put him out a few times in her scissors as she clamped them on so hard and furious chadam had no idea what hit him. Arianne jumps in this time using a grapevine breast smother, then Aubrey copies her older sister and does the same thing, but she taunts chadam seeing he was powerless, made it near impossible for him to escape, ripping his legs apart making him scream in pain, muffling his cries in her breast smother as well.  Aubrey’s facesitting was so intense it looked as though she was trying to break his nose in her crotch as she digs in deep on his face, all the while Arianne looking on cheering on her little sister. Chadam was absolutely winded, hurting, and over powered by these two sadistic sisters. One would think Aubrey has been doing this for years. This is her first ever match and her performance was over the top. It’s hard to fathom seeing such a cute petite girl be so evil and sadistic as she was. Aubrey uses a reverse headscissor sitting behind chadam, and once she locked those on, her thighs became like cement having chadam nearly go out. Aubrey said” I like being a bitch to you”, and squeezes again. Nearing the end both sisters jump on top of chadam, Aubrey in a reverse facesit, Arianne sitting in front of her on top of chadam. As chadam taps for air, Arianne tells her sister to not get up, so she drives her ass down even harder into chadam’s face now. He continues to tap, and with no energy nor fight left in him, he was out like a light. Arianne pulls her sister off his face, looks down at him, gives her sister a high five and says “taught my sister well” give her a hug says good job, and both girls flex sitting on his now limp body. What an outstanding performance from a newbie. We think we may have our new fan favorite soon. Grab this video and watch her in action, she won’t disappoint



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  1. aubreys hi you are good for being short but you like to try me on I’m 53 yaers old so I love to wrestle ypu and see how long you cen schoolgirlpin me I hop to see more you are good ok thanks cloyd

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