CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest

Category:  Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 12 Minutes
Members Clip: 12 Minutes
Published: 2018-11-05
Price Download Only: $12.99: USD

1x1-pixel CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest
1x1-pixel CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest
1x1-pixel CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest

CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest  Sam figured she would try her hand out at taking on tough girl Harley. Sam was not expecting this match to be anything but easy, and neither was Harley. As they face off, Harley is all smiles as she easily takes down her BBW opponent. Once she gets Sam down to the mats, Sam could feel the power of Harley and her sheer strength as she tried to escape. Harley starts wearing Sam down by facesitting her. Watching her bigger opponent struggle for air was turning her on. Seeing Sam now getting winded, she pins her arms behind her, then reaches down to cover Sam’s mouth and nose with her hand. When Sam taps for air, she calls Harley a bitch. Well Harley just proceeds to continue with her hand over mouth smothering. Harley looks down into Sam’s face as she blocks her air, feeling her squirm beneath her. Harley switches between hand over mouth and facesitting, really making Sam struggle now. Out of no where Harley grabbed Sam’s head pulled it into her thighs, then fell to her side trapping her in a side headscissor now. Sam could feel the pressure of Harley’s thighs increase as she squeezes. to make matters worse for her, she also throws in some good hand over mouth while she squeezes. Harley rolls back on top, and dishes out more facesitting and hand over mouth before switching into reverse. Harley takes her shapely ass and plants it right on Sam’s face engulfing it in her ass cheeks. Harley then reaches around and uses more hand over mouth smothering while keeping Sam pinned. You can see in Harley’s eyes the more she smothered Sam the more she thoroughly enjoyed it. From the mixture of facesits and hand over mouth smothering punishment Sam wanted to give up. As she did Harley gave her one more good hand over mouth almost putting Sam out before flexing dominantly over her BBW victim.


cplpicsets CPL-BX-33 Harley´s Smother Fest

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