CPL-MGC-45 The Ego Buster

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CPL-MGC-45 The Ego Buster-  Aubrey is known for having quite a cocky attitude and mouth to back it up with. Well she faces off against Velvet who has almost 40 pounds on her and a few inches in height. Velvet can take quite a bit of pain, and she can certainly dish it out. They square off and Aubrey instantly becomes aggressive. Velvet can feel the tension and now has to defend herself from Aubrey’s attacks. first Aubrey tries to get her in a scissor, Velvet fights through the pain and escapes. Aubrey tries to mock her making cat noises, so Velvet steps up her own power. Plowing Aubrey down to the mats, she has a hard time keeping Aubrey under control but finally manages.

Climbing on top she pins Aubrey down and gets a facesit submission. As Velvet goes to make a transition all hell breaks loose as Aubrey fights back hard and they are all over the mats now vying for position. Aubrey now takes control and has Velvet pinned in an extremely tight schoolgirl pin. Both are breathing heavily as Velvet tries to dismount Aubrey. Then Aubrey presses her pelvic bone deep into Velvet’s throat only getting one tap. All that did was anger Velvet as she escapes with Aubrey hot on her tail. Before Velvet could react Aubrey was on top and locked on a painful leg spreading grapevine pin. She kept this pin for awhile utilizing breast smothers with it in hopes it would wear down her larger opponent. But Velvet breaks free again and the tussle for control ensues. Aubrey resorts to getting Velvet back in a breast smother, but the dynamics change once Velvet has had enough. Pushing her smaller foe off, she now uses a body scissor to slow Aubrey down.

Aubrey fights hard but taps twice in the scissor before getting to her feet. Velvet was still latched on and applies more pressure getting another tap. As Aubrey breaks free she is now realizing that beating Velvet is becoming very difficult. They both hit the mats, Velvet laying on top of Aubrey, she gets her in a double leg knee bar that makes Aubrey tap quickly. Velvet continues to partially grapevine one of Aubrey’s legs, pins her free arm between her thighs and uses a hand over mouth smother. As they struggle for position again, Velvet ends up in a north south pin, as Aubrey keeps her at bay with a leg wrapped around her. Aubrey manages to push her off, and as they regroup again, Velvet was ready to destroy Aubrey now. She hits Aubrey like a freight train sending her face down on the mats. Keeping her pinned face down, Velvet climbs on top of her back and uses a hairpull to control Aubrey.

Once she has her, Velvet reaches down and gets on a nasty chin pull, and with Aubreys arms pinned under her she has no defense now against it. Velvet gets Aubrey in a seated figure four and pulls on Aubrey’s chin again. They fall to the side, but Velvet has Aubrey’s head between her muscular thighs still and applies a headscissor. Aubrey is trying to fight her way out, but Velvet’s legs were jut too powerful. She also uses a figure four, then it gets interesting. Velvet transitions to a straight leg scissor but hooks her feet on either side of Aubrey’s leg, hooking her feet under her knee on the inside. Since her legs were crossed, and hooked, Aubrey could not unlock her feet nor her legs. What ensues is a really painful lesson for Aubrey as she is constantly squeezed made to tap over and over. Frustration is clearly evident on Aubrey’s behalf, knowing she could not escape only made her angry.

When Velvet asked if she had enough and quit, Aubrey blatantly refuses. Velvet winds up one last powerful squeeze as she arches up and it turned Aubrey’s face instantly red she finally quit. Disappointment filled Aubrey’s eyes as she was certain she would beat her in this competitive match up. Unfortunately Velvet got the best of her as she flexes still keeping Aubrey trapped in her thighs. Aubrey’s ego just went down a few notches now. 



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