CPL-NMG-37 Little White Prisoner

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CPL-NMG-37 Little White Prisoner   Aubrey tests her abilities on the mats today against a heavier bigger opponent, Velvet. Now Velvet can take a lot of pain, but can also really dish it out. Knowing that she weighs more than Aubrey will give her a slight advantage if she can over power her. As they lock up, Velvet shoves Aubrey to the mats, hopping right on top of her. The trash talking begins immediately, and Velvet decides to shut Aubrey up by sitting on her face. Aubrey flails her arms and legs as she is being smothered under Velvet now, trying to break free. Velvet punishes Aubrey with facesitting before switching to a rolling headscissor. Now Aubrey is trapped in Velvet’s powerful black thighs wincing in pain with each squeeze. Just as Velvet tries to re position herself, Aubrey managed to escape. Now they fight again for a take down this time, Aubrey plows into Velvet like a freight train sending them smashing to the mats. Aubrey takes the top pinning Velvet down. She resorts to forward and reverse facesits, burying Velvet’s face in her crotch and ass.

Aubrey pays Velvet back by getting her into a headscissor gaining many taps from it. In a quick move, catching Aubrey off guard, Velvet broke free and jumps on Aubrey. Then Aubrey yells out “NOO” as she gets pinned again by her black nemesis. Aubrey begins insulting Velvet, so Velvet easily slides up and sits on her face smothering her to keep her quiet. Now that Aubrey is tightly secured to the mats, Velvet takes advantage of that using forward facesits, then moving into reverse facesitting. She buries Aubrey face deep in her ass repeatedly, slowly weakening Aubrey, as her fight to get out is fading. Velvet leans down and locks on a reverse figure four, as her strong thighs grip Aubrey’s neck squeezing the energy out of Aubrey. Velvet then goes back to reverse facesits, depriving Aubrey of much needed air. There was no getting out now from under Velvet, no matter how hard Aubrey tried. As Velvet turns back into forward she does a full weight throat sit, digging her crotch deep into Aubrey’s neck causing Aubrey to tap. For the remainder of the clip Velvet dominates with forward facesits, Aubrey lay now nearly drained of energy.

Velvet then asks Aubrey if she gives up, and Aubrey admits defeat, then Velvet says “that’s not good enough” and sits on her face again. Aubrey goes right into panic mode tapping as Velvet continues to smother her. Knowing Aubrey was not getting out, she waits until Aubrey stops moving causing her to go out. For the ultimate humiliation, Velvet grabs some rope, and turned Aubrey onto her stomach. When Aubrey started to come to, she was quite confused, Velvet already tying her arms behind her. Then Velvet ties her feet together, and finishes it with a hog tie. Aubrey was clearly getting upset and said “you don’t want me getting mad, you just wait until next time”. Velvet retorts back saying “fuck you”, and leaves Aubrey hog tied on the mats as she walks away. Velvet may end up paying for this in future clips to come, we know Aubrey will be wanting revenge 100%.


cplpicsets CPL-NMG-37 Little White Prisoner


4 thoughts on “CPL-NMG-37 Little White Prisoner”

  1. I am still not beliving that Aubrey lost this match. Disappointing, maybe she was having an off day. She is very strong and powerful and could have easily beaten Velvet. But velvet weighs much more than aubrey that could have been an issue. Was sad to see she gets tied up in the end. I hope Aubrey take her revenge on velvet and beat her silly and smother her to a ko finish.

  2. Velvet always seems like she’s enjoying having Aubrey on her.
    in Picture number 11, it looks like she’s farting in her ear. lol

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