CPL-T0-767 Tori’s Trap and Assault

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Tori is an extremely tough and well rounded fighter. When she takes anyone on, she cranks up the pressure, and leaves her victims practically lifeless when she’s done. Mia falls victim to challenging her, and she is rather nervous. As they kneel face to face, waiting for the count, you can see the fear in Mia’s face, and as they begin, Mia has no idea what hit her. Tori charges full steam ahead at Mia tossing her to the mats with a solid thump. Tori starts off her assault with brutal face jumping face sitting pins, having Mia try to struggle and break free, which does not work. Tori quickly switches to reverse, now giving Mia a taste of her ass, now smothering her.

Mia has no idea how to escape now, Tori then goes for her real breakdown move, and locks on her vice like thighs around Mia’s head. You can almost hear the life being squeezed from Mia as Tori’s rock hard muscular legs are clamped on full force around Mia’s neck. Extracting multiple tap out’s just from the head scissor alone, Tori still pummels Mia with loads of forward and reverse face sitting, bone crushing near neck snapping scissors, and a very brutal rear naked choke that has Mia coughing and gasping for air.

Mia is completely helpless now against her much tougher opponent, all she can do is pray that she makes it through the whole clip, undamaged. There is a clear winner of this match, in fact this is the only one Mia did with Tori, as Mia could not take her aggression and sheer strength. Grab this clip and watch an amazing powerhouse dominate her opponent with ease. Mia has never been worked over this bad in a very long time.


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  1. Tori has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Black Sports Bra & Red Panties & I absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit & her Reverse Headscissors on Mia!

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