CMX-PB-12 Eves Submission Spree

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CMX-PB-12 Eves Submission Spree


Eve is known to be quite strong and cunning when she hits the mats. This match is no different, except she is a bit more sadistic than usual. She puts chadam through the ringer using rear naked chokes, forward and reverse face sits, and loads of neck wrenching head scissors. She has fun smothering and making him repeatedly tap out over and over. She even uses a combo rear naked choke with a brutal arm lock, nearly snapping his arm. For her finale, Chadam thought the match was over when he gave up, instead Eve gets up and grabs his feet.

From there she stomps on his balls multiple times causing agony and pain on top of his humiliation that was already dished out by her. Great finish to a total domination clip showing Eve’s true sadistic side.

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