CMX-BBJ-21 Bambi’s Smother Survival

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Chadam may have under estimated Bambi and her very keen skills on smothering. She certainly has all the right “ass” sets to be one of the best facesitters, and she was about to prove that theory. Bambi has an adorable laugh, bright smile, and wearing skin tight cut off jeans shorts. But behind that pretty face, she is sadistic, mean and very dominant. As they begin, Bambi moves in quickly, using a single leg sweep and picks chadam up and slams him to the mats. Before he could even react, Bambi already had him pinned down, and moved directly to a facesit. As he fights for air, he taps rather quick, as Bambi continued to refuse him air saying” your tapping already”, as she laughs at him. With a few more forward facesits she continues to humiliate him, then gets off as he gasps for air, now turning in reverse. She is ready to feed him her perfectly shaped ass now, as she lines up directly above his face, then slams her booty down hard onto it. His nose is buried deep in her ass, with no chance of breathing, as he tries to push her off yet again to get air. That never worked, so he taps, but Bambi wants him to fight harder for air. “I don’t see you fighting” she says as she mocks him, laughing hysterically at his pathetic attempts to get out. As she allows him to breathe once, she makes him grab her ass and rub it before she slams it back down onto his face yet another time. Bambi teases, taunts, and humiliates chadam throughout the entire clip, maybe hoping that he could actually get out. Bambi was much stronger than she looked, and chadam didn’t have a literal fighting chance against her. Bambi just kept switching from forward to reverse, with each facesit bringing him closer to actually going out. All chadam could do was gasp for air, whenever she decided to give it to him, or he was able to turn his head sideways to catch a short small breath before being sent back into her crotch and ass for more punishment. Chadam was exhausted and drained and for her finale, Bambi makes chadam go into straight up panic mode. She told him to say he was the bitch but refused to get off his face. You can hear him muffle I’m the bitch really loud into her crotch, saying it before she makes him go out. In his last breath, she lifts off and he yells out “I’m THE BITCH”, Bambi looking down saying “good boy”, and sits on his chest smiling from ear to ear, and flexing for the whole world to see just how sadistic she can be.

cplpicsets CMX-BBJ-21 Bambi's Smother Survival

4 thoughts on “CMX-BBJ-21 Bambi’s Smother Survival”

  1. Wow, this girl is amazing. Love her attitude, her looks, everything. I’d love to see more of her in any type of format, but especially against another woman!

  2. Hey Chadam, like I said before (earlier this year), Bambi is amazing. Please bring her back again. Any female/female matches with her in the works?

    1. I am not sure if Bambi is still doing wrestling at all I would have to check and see and talk about arranging making more videos with her.

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