KOA-0133 Megan The Mauler

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When Megan enters the room you can see she is tall, tanned, muscular and ready to do business on the mats. Chadam looks almost nervous to go against her. There is a major height and weight difference between these two, and Megan certainly uses that to her advantage. As they lock up, Megan easily taunts chadam verbally, then swiftly headlocks him, tossing him hard down to the mats in a very quick movement. As he hits you can hear the thud, and the surprise in his voice, as Megan quickly jumps on top of him. He was being somewhat of a smart ass to her, so it was time for Megan to show him who was boss. Megan pins his arms under her shins, and moves up into a facesit, shutting him up. She verbally bashes and belittles chadam, when he taps she holds the facesit longer just to make him suffer. With more verbal bashing she turns into reverse, securing his arms once again, and ramming her big beautiful ass square down onto his face smothering him. As he tries to lift her off, he notices he can’t budge her. Megan has too much fun using her ass to suffocate him, and he endures a long reverse facesit, that is leaving him breathless now. Megan catches him in a side control half cross body, then slams her pussy onto his face. Megan was creative with her holds, and were they ever effective. Chadam gasps for air, as Megan humiliates him physically and verbally. Megan also uses full weight facesitting, crushing his head and face, posing on top as she smothers the life from him. Megan then grabs him by the hair, drags him over to the wall, props him up against it and prepares him for what’s about to come. She turns around and slams her ass into his face, giving him the ultimate stinkface, and shakes her ass saying “see this is how we do it in Miami” rendering chadam breathless. After that she puts her foot on his chest, as he tries to get his breath back, and says “your pathetic, absolutely pathetic”, making him verbally admit it. She tosses his sorry ass back down onto the mats, lays on him in a reverse full body smother, tucking his head deep into her crotch.  Not hard to tell he has no energy left to fight back, and Megan just toys with him now. She asks if he gives up, and he can’t say it, so she facesits him side saddle, then rolls onto her back pulling his face into her crotch. Megan squeezes and smothers him, and dual combination that has him tapping and panicking as she won’t let him go now. Chadam falls limp, totally out now, Megan drags him across the mats, and rolls him onto his back. She slaps his face and says “hey, I’m not done with you” trying to wake him up. As he comes to he is dazed, Megan is standing above him and says “how many of me do you see”. She counts to three then drops full weight onto his face in a brutal facesit. Already weak and stunned Chadam can’t fight this one, and he goes out a second time. Megan showing no remorse, stand with her foot on his chest, and says ” I tried to give you a chance to admit defeat”, “I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and look at you now”. Ending with ” I am going to add you to the list of all the other losers I beat up on a daily basis”, “and send some of my girlfriends up here to kick your ass too”. She happily walks away leaving him out on the mats.  

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