CMX-DGT-582 Diva Girlfriend KO

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
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CMX-DGT-582 Diva Girlfriend KO  Arianne can be very persuasive and always gets what she wants. That includes flirting and cockteasing her own boyfriend. Chadam always falls into her little sexual games as she decides that she wants something. She pins him on the bed, grabs his hands and makes him grab her tits, caress her legs and ass all the while begging him to give her money. Arianne is used to getting what she wants, but chadam is not budging  this time and falling into her trap. She continues to facesit him in forward and reverse, grinding down on his face, rubbing his legs coming close to grabbing his junk, but stops short. Her tactics seem to be working as he becomes weaker, but he still does not give her what she wants. Arianne’s frustrations grow more now, all she wants to do is go spend money. she lays on top of him and breast smothers him, still doing what she can to win him over. By the end her frustrations are so high she mounts his face in a forward facesit, and when he wants air she refuses to give it to him. Chadam struggles for air, but instead he just goes completely limp. Now that he is out, Arianne gets off him, grabs his wallet and takes all his money instead. She leaves him in the room, lights out while she takes off to go shopping now. Might have been easier if Chadam just gave her the money in the first place he could have avoided all of this.



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