Arianna sizes up chadam for their match and will certainly show him what she has planned. Her strategy is simple, overpower him, smother and squeeze him mercilessly, and finish him off. Chadam had no idea that Arianna was going to be as dominant as she was in this match. Right after the 3 count, Arianna pulls chadam into her, and locks him in a guillotine choke. Gaining a quick tap, she switches to a breastsmother reverse grapevine, chadam unable to move at all. The next thing chadam knew was he was flung right onto his back Arianna jumping right on top.Securing his arms down between her thighs, she relentlessly smothers and facesits him. You can see that Arianna quite enjoys punishing him, pushing chadam to his breaking point of almost going out. Now comes chadams worst nightmare. Arianna’s headscissors. She wraps her muscular strong thighs tightly around his neck in a multitude of scissors. She even manages to lock on a standing headscissor. Chadam’s face was practically the same color red as her shorts. chadam can only wish that this match was going to end soon. but you should never wish for something, as Arianna decided to finally end it for him instead. She pummeled his face in a full weight facesit for a few minutes, trash talked him and when he tapped, she stayed put. On his face. With very little strength left, chadam drifted off into la la land. She stands up posing and flexing. Then Arianna reaches down trying to make him come to, and as he does she flips him off, gloating in his face. Now putting her foot on him in total victory.


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