CPL-OGM-11 The Olympic Showdown

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CPL-OGM-11 The Olympic Showdown  Introducing A-Low who is the gymnast trying for her spot on the olympic team. Then there is Arianne, who is also trying for her spot on the olympic team as a long distance runner. Only one girl can make it, so now they must fight it out and whoever is the winner gets the spot. Since A-low is a Canadian gymnast she has powerful legs, and overall amazing strength from top to bottom. Arianne is an Italian runner so her training mostly focuses on leg training. They stand facing each other and start a bit of smack talk, then A-Low does a handstand catching Arianne in a headscissor. As Arianne taps she falls to the mats and lunges at A-Low. They both trash talk each other as Arianne tries to pin A-Low but is tossed backwards. Hustling for position, A-Low gets Arianne in a tight headscissor, kepping her trapped extracting multiple taps. Arianne fights and frees herself, turning the tables now locking on a rear naked choke. Things heat up quickly as the insults fly, and they use headscissors, facesitting, bodyscissors, and various chokes. Each girl is slowly weakening as the match progresses, the fight seems to be fairly even at this point. Unfortunately for Arianne, she keeps getting caught in the strong gymnast’s headscissors in all forms, forward, reverse, side etc which is making Arianne flush in the face and weak. A-Low adds more facesitting, and bodyscissors to really drain all the air from Arianne’s lungs. Arianne gets on top one last time folding A-Low in a matchbook pin facesit. A-Low fought valiantly to break free and tosses Arianne to the mats. This was A-Low’s opportunity to pounce and finish off Arianne. She sneaks behind Arianne locking on a inescapable rear naked choke. She took away all of Arianne’s leverage including the use of her legs securing them.  As A-Low squeezes around Arianne’s waist and throat, she could no longer take the pain, and submits the match. A-Low then crawls over Arianne and does the splits on her throat gloating and celebrating her victory saying Canada is better. Looks like Canada gets the spot on the Olympic team.


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