CMX-KC-27 Sages Little Victim

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CMX-KC-27 Sages Little Victim  Savage Sage takes on chadam in one of her first mixed matches. She outweighs him by close to 40 lbs and she towers over him, giving her a very sweet advantage. She wasted no time tossing down her smaller opponent and pinning him using her weight. Sage uses hand over mouth taps, scissors and reverse facesitting to gain a major upper hand. Her confidence level rises as the match carries on, with Sage gaining tap after tap, not giving chadam much time to recover. Her head scissors literally buried his whole head between her thick thighs, making sure he had no chance to escape. She was a literal bully in this match dominating chadam over and over. What was most impressive was her ability to easily snap on a standing head scissor squeezing with such power he tapped fairly quickly. When all said and done, Savage Sage certainly lived up to her name, as this fairly newcomer showed she has what it takes to dominate her opponents on the mats. Chadam will have to re think his strategy going into any other matches with her as he suffered a devastating loss.

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