STS-004 Harleys Facesitting KO

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We think we have found the perfect colors that accent Harley’s beauty. Black and red, yep the CPL colors. She comes into the room in her black and red tight spandex pants setting up to go against chadam. Harley is a big fan of punishing males, she actually is not fond of them at all. So when she gets the opportunity to take one on, she likes to becomes aggressive. Harley begins by whipping on a tight headlock take down sending chadam crashing to the mats. Harley quickly slides up into a tight schoolgirl pin, then slams down into a facesit. Chadam fights to get air, but Harley is holding on tight blocking his escape. She barely lets up when he taps and a few taps later she spins now into reverse. Chadam is now faced with Harley’s athletic ass taking his breath away in his face now. You can see him struggle beneath her, but unfortunately he could not get out. Harley jumped down and put herself into a north south pin, digging her pelvic bone into his throat blocking his air. His face was turning as red as her pants. Keeping him contained, Harley sits back up, gets one more reverse facesit tap, then spins back into forward ready to dish out more forward facesits. Chadam’s face buried deep in her crotch, there was nothing he could do as this beautiful girl dominated him. Now kicking her legs out, she uses full weight facesitting on him. Each tap brought louder gasps for air, as she wore him out slowly. Harley decided to use one of her favorite moves now, she sits cross legged wrapping her legs around his neck, and begins to use hand over mouth. Her tight grip around his face sealed all of his air, as he lay there unable to get her off him. Harley then falls to the side and locks on a headscissor, then uses the hand over mouth again. Harley gets quite turned on using hand over mouth hence why she likes to use it often. She is slowly destroying him, move by move with more forward and reverse facesitting, reverse straight leg scissors, then back to her seated cross leg hand over mouth. Chadam was gasping hard, as more and more of the fight was smothered out of him.  The more he panicked for air, the more Harley got turned on, so she made sure for him to panic quite a bit. With more punishing scissors, hand over mouth scissorholds, Harley moves into a forward facesit. As he struggled and tapped for air she said “come on, can’t you try a little harder”, as he was heaving trying to catch his breath. She punishes him with a few more scissors, squeezing more and more air out of his lungs, a reverse facesit, and another north south choke. Harley brings her legs up and gets on a very tight figure four scissor, and you can hear chadam in grief pain. After she finished with the scissors, she delivers one more reverse facesit before turning around in forward again. This time she uses a forward facesit, holding his arms tight, he fights for air. When he taps she simply says no, then cracks a big smile on her face as he struggles under her looking for air. Moments later the struggling stops, and she has put him out. Harley finishes off the clip with some very sexy posing over her badly beaten air deprived foe. 


cplpicsets STS-004 Harleys Facesitting KO

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