CPL-HVA-9 Havana vs Arianne

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CPL-HVA-9 Havana vs Arianne  In this match Arianne faces off against the smaller yet solidly built Havana. Now Havana does not possess the skill level that Arianne does, but she sure makes good use of the ones that she knows. They face off and Arianne gets the upper hand throwing Havana to the mats. Struggling beneath Arianne  Havana tries to unseat her, but instead suffers a barrage of forward and reverse facesits. Arainne then switches it up and goes for a reverse straight leg scissor, really squeezing Havana’s head. You can tell that Havana was pushing through the pain, then Arianne released the scissor and applied more reverse facesitting. They were hurling insults back and fourth as Havana makes her escape because Arianne lost her balance. Now it was Havana’s turn to put Arianne in her place using a reverse figure four headscissor. Havana’s legs locked tight around Arianne’s head as she get a few taps from that before transitioning into forward. Arianne gets punished with multiple facesits before Havana rolls to her side locking her tanned muscular legs around Arianne’s neck once again. It didn’t take much power for Havana to squeeze before Arianne really felt the need to tap before she actually went out. Havana jumped back into reverse and slammed on a straight leg scissor, got a tap then moved into a forward schoolgirl pin. This is when Arianne waited it out, and managed to shove her lighter opponent right off her. Now Arianne resorted back to forward facesits to break Havana down, then moved into another scissor. After that Arianne uses full weight facesits driving her weight down onto Havana’s face. As Arianne then moves into reverse to put on her straight leg, she gets caught off guard and Havana traps her head, and instantly rolls Arianne onto her back. Now stuck in Havana’s reverse straight leg scissor, Arianne struggles to break free. Havana quickly turns into froward jumping on Arianne and pinning her down. Securing her to the mats, she facesits Arianne making her gasp for air. Havana gets a lot of taps from Arianne before switching to a rolling side straight leg scissor. Keeping Arianne in this scissor proved worthy as it drained what little energy Arianne had to fight back with. Havana then rolls back on top of Arianne and humilaites her with facesitting, until Arianne could take no more. But Havana just flexes one arm and uses hand over mouth and Arianne with her other hand, now just showing off. She then facesits Arianne one last time as Arianne makes it clear she is finished, Havana flexing her huge shapely muscles and bright smile for the world to see.



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