CPL-VZ-33 Bring It On

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Zoe and Arianne are about to battle it out on the mats in a semi competitive match. Even though Arianne has loads more experience, she still needs to keep her guard up against Zoe. As Zoe is smaller and petite, she certainly is strong, stubborn and is a tough girl all around. As they face off, Arianne gets the first take down, throwing Zoe to the mats. Zoe finds herself in Arianne’s grapevine breast smother, but she struggles to break free. Tapping only twice, Zoe pushes with a lot of power and dislodges Arianne. Zoe literally flies through the air and jumps right on top of Arianne pinning her down. She slides up fast sitting on Arianne’s face. The struggle was intense as Arianne did not want to tap, and fought hard not to get smothered. Unfortunately Zoe kept her balance on top and makes Arianne tap. Zoe whips Arianne around on the mats and manhandles her, much to Arianne’s surprise as the constantly fight for the upper hand on one another. Arianne finds herself getting thrown down more often than she liked, as Zoe starts to get a good lead on her, all with facesits, that Arianne could not escape from. Now getting upset, Arianne had to step up her game or else she was going to get destroyed. She starts amping it up, and Zoe now finds herself on the receiving end of facesits and scissors that Arianne is dishing out. Arianne locks on a side control headlock that has Zoe being stubborn not wanting to tap, calling Arianne a bitch. Arianne was trying to make a comeback, knowing that Zoe posed a real threat to her, using a painful body scissor to extact a painful submission. Zoe retaliates with reverse facesitting, getting tap after tap from Arianne. With both girls scoring submissions you really have to pay attention to who is wining as head scissors and facesits are abound from both girls. Zoe uses a lot of forward facesits ramming her pussy down hard onto Arianne’s face repeatedly getting many taps, knowing Arianne could not get her off. Near the end Zoe had Arianne pinned in an inescapable facesit, looking down at her saying “you can’t get out can you?” then slamming herself back down onto Arianne’s face before she could even answer. When last fall was called, Arianne needed to make sure to leave her mark and traps Zoe in another brutal rib crushing body scissor, making her squeal out on pain with each tap. Zoe fought HARD in that body scissor literally throwing each other around the mats as she tried to get out. Unfortunately the pain became too much and she tapped. They both shook hands at the end saying nice job. This was a good paced fairly even match, that surprised Arianne, but counting the taps we are pretty sure Arianne lost, and she was pretty sure she had as well. Zoe left a lasting impression on Arianne knowing next time, she better come 100% prepared to face her. Zoe is tough and can roll with the best of them. 

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